status, state, condition, situation 区别



  • status 人在政治、社会、经济、法律上的地位或者身份。也可用于指政治等事态的状况。

status 和其他三个词的差别最大。虽然名词 status也可以描述个人在群体和环境中的位置,但它主要社会中的地位、身份。比如,marital status 婚姻状况。


In some societies, lawyers, doctors and professors have a high social status.

Luxury yachts are popular status symbols among the rich and powerful.

  • condition 一般强调产生影响的原因或者环境,复数形式指笼统的情况。

第一个用法和 state 相似,只不过在形容人的时候,condition 强调身体状态,而 state 则更重于表示心理上的、精神上的状态。需要注意的是,在这里,condition 常作单数形式。


This painting has been preserved with care. It’s in excellent condition.

My grandpa is recovering from an operation. He is in no condition to travel.

  • state 人或者物在特定时间的状态,与环境、外表、心灵以及健康相关。或在某一阶段的状态或形式。比如,常用搭配有 state of mind 心态、心情。


The news left us all in a state of shock.

The prop manager’s job is to acquire or build props, and keep them in a good state of repair.

He hasn’t been eating properly for a month – I’m worried about the state of his health.

  • situation 明确具体的环境情况或处境。

situation 的意思是 特定时间、特定地点的具体情况。举个例子,情景喜剧的英文说法就是 situation comedies,简称 sitcoms


Don’t put me in a difficult situation!

I don’t know if I would do the same. It all depends on the situation.

  • circumstance 周围的情况或某事发生时的情况。