Auto Parts



front bumper rear bumper

windshield windshield wiper

wiper blade

splash shield

filler lid

headlight taillight


left blinker right blinker

brake light

side mirrors



steering wheel

car seats

driver’s seat passenger’s seat back seat

back seat driver

instrument cluster/panel

galaxy clusters



rear view mirror

gas pedal accelerator

brake pedal

automatic car stick shift car


center console/armrest

emergency brake/e-brake/parking brake

glove compartment/box


entertainment system


air vent/ventilation


seatbelt buckle

cup holder


honk at someone

shift/gear selector


high beam fog light

air bags

  • Activity
    1. 活跃、繁忙( Uncountable) the situation in which a lot of things are happening or people are moving around
    2. 行动、活动 the work of a group or organization to achieve an aim
    3. 娱乐活动 something that is done for enjoyment, especially an organized event

There was a lot of activity in preparation for the Queen’s visit.

He was found guilty of terrorist activity. / criminal activities

His spare-time activities include cooking, tennis, and windsurfing.

  • Motion

    动、运动、移动 the act or process of moving, or a particular action or movement

They showed the goal again in slow motion.

  • Motive 动机 a reason for doing something

Why would she have killed him? She has no motive.

  • Motivation
    1. 积极性、干劲儿 enthusiasm for doing something
    2. 动机、诱因 the need or reason for doing something

He’s a bright enough student - he just lacks motivation.

What was the motivation for the attack?

  • Motivate
    1. 使产生动机、激起 to cause someone to behave in a particular way
    2. 激励 to make someone want to do something well

Like so many people, he’s motivated by greed.

Teaching is all about motivating people to learn.