Actual speaking English - 02



Hello, everyone. My name is Peter Liptak and I’m looking forward to working with all of you here at EBS. As a new employee, I’m hoping to meet each and every one of you individually and get to know you, as well as get your feedback on what we could do to improve things here.

As to (for) my background, I have a lot of experience in education and writing. I’ve worked in education for about twenty years: been a professor, a private instructor, and also, even a pre-school teacher, so I’m fairly well-rounded in that experience. As a professional writer, I’ve been working for many years with large conglomerates and some governmental organizations, as well as publishing books. I publish ESL books, children’s books and even books on Korea. Anyway, thank you all and please come and talk to me when you have a chance.

I'm looking forward to + verb / verb-ing

I'm looking forward to showing you my capabilities.

As a new employee, I hope to / I'm hoping to + verb

As a new employee, I hope to be successful in my role.

As for my background, I have experience in + noun / of + verb-ing.

As for my background, I have experience of working abroad.

As for my background, I have work experience in teaching / planning.