Mood, Emotion, Temper, Feeling 区别



  • Mood - 心情、心境、情绪、精神状态 the way you feel at a particular time

    She’s in a good/bad mood.

  • Emotion - 感情、情感、情绪、激情 a strong feeling such as love or anger, or strong feelings in general

    Like a lot of men, he finds it hard to express his emotions.

  • Temper - 脾气 the tendency to become angry very quickly

    She has a real temper. / He’s got a really bad temper.

  • Feeling - 1. 感觉 the fact of feeling something physical 2. 感情、感触、情绪 emotion 3. 观点、意见 opinion

    I had a tingling feeling in my fingers. The feeling of loneliness suddenly overwhelmed him. My feeling is that we had better act quickly or it will be too late.

  • Moody 情绪化、喜怒无常

  • Emotional 情感丰富、感性


My neighbor is a good man but he can be moody and has a bad temper. To make things worse, I’m quite an emotional person so I go through a range of emotions throughout the day. The other day, I saw my neighbor in his garden. “Good morning,” I said cheerfully. He stared at me, clearly in no mood to chat. “What’s so good about it?” he yelled back angrily, losing his temper. Overcome by emotion, I burst into tears and ran back into our house. The whole thing really put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

我的鄰居人不錯,但他喜怒無常,而且脾氣不好。更糟的是,我是個感情豐富的人,也就是說我在短短一天內可以表現出一系列不同的情感。一天,我看鄰居在他家花園裡,便開心地對他說:“早上好。” 當時他直勾勾地盯著我,顯然沒心情聊天,衝我嚷道:“哪裡好了?” 接著竟衝我發起火來。被情緒所左右的我一下子就哭了,然後跑回了家裡。那件事影響了我一整天的心情