English Vocabulary - aisle, passage, corridor, hallway, and porch




  • A passage between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theater, an airplane, or a train.

passage / passageway

  • A covered walkway, between rooms or buildings.

hall / hallway

  • A corridor in a building.
  • An entrance hall.


  • A narrow hallway, passageway, or gallery, often with rooms or apartments opening onto it.
  • A tract of land forming a passageway, such as one that allows an inland country access to the sea through another country.


  • A covered platform, usually having a separate roof, at an entrance to a building.
  • An open or enclosed gallery or room attached to the outside of a building; a verandah.

  • A porch is a wooden structure that forms a covered entrance to a doorway at ground level. A porch is typically located at the front of the house.


  • An entryway or reception area.


  • A balcony is a platform that protrudes from the wall of an upper floor of a building and is enclosed by a railing. Balconies are often highly decorative, especially in wealthy or scenic areas. They are not designed as social areas but, rather, add an outdoor ambiance to the indoors.


  • A deck is a large, raised wooden floor attached to the back of a house and contained by a perimeter railing for safety. Decks are rarely covered, and usually have a rough or informal look that is not integrated with the rest of the house’s design. They are typically intended to be locations for large outdoor social gatherings, such as barbecues and birthday parties. Access to the deck may be from the ground through a stairway, or from the house through a back door.


  • A patio is typically a paved, roofless surface adjoining a residence that is generally intended for dining and recreation. These open-air living spaces are at ground level and are usually made from cement, stone, slate, or a combination of these materials.